When we were younger we all knew that, birthdays are the days when a person is treated in a special manner. Birthday means that, the day when you are treated as a princess/prince. When we were younger, we used to wait whole year so that we can have a party at our birth date, a birthday that we prayed that it should be remembered by everyone. We used to pray that, our birthday should be the most splendid one. We used to plan whole year about the theme, the perfect dress, the perfect invitation. We used to plan that who are we going to invite, making sure that the rivals don’t get the invitation, even they are invited they should get jealous by our preparations and party. Every one of us secretly wished to get gifts that we actually prayed for. “When we were young birthdays were fun”!!! Somewhere between waiting for gifts and cake we all grew up. But growing up does not mean that, we put a full stop to our enjoyment and fun, we can still recreate memories and throw a splendid birthday party. In order to create fun and magic in your parties. Matbakh is here in town to take all your worries of arranging a tremendous event. If your birthday is near and you want to throw a fantastic party you must approach Matbakh.

Date Jan 02 2019