Board meeting has a direct impact on the company's growth. Therefore, it is important to make sure that the board meeting is successful. To ensure that your board meeting has drastic effect on everyone. We are here to plan your meeting according to the standards of your company, now you just need to think about the statistics of your company, rest we will take care of.

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Seminars are crucial to the core and it disseminate a lot of information. Whether it is a business seminar or an educational one. The purpose of the seminar is to make the learning effective. With our collaboration you can plan an impressive seminar, which can make the learning more productive.

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Choosing the best venue with the perfect ambiance and food for an annual picnic is quite a brain storming task. Who does not want a perfect annual picnic which should be remembered the whole year! We are here to make your picnics special and memorable. Just decide the date and leave the rest stress on us.

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Honoring the staff and other people of the organization is something which is quite respective. It is not easy to plan to give honor to someone for their achievements. In order to make sure that the honored ones get the best out of their hard work, we are here to make them feel out of the world.

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With all our professionalism we invite you to plan your musical night our company. We ensure you the best joyful and effervescent night that will be cherished all year. We plan all types of musical night, you name it and we plan it!


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It is quite important to launch a product up to the caliber that it attracts the target market. Product launches are directly associated with the success of the product. Therefore we are here to decide your fate, collaborate with us and make your product launch impeccable.

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Making people aware of your ideas is quite a complex task, promotional events holds a quite robust value. The blending of organization and branding must be so brawny that it attracts people to think about your idea. We are here to solve all your problems, if you want to market any event we are here to entertain you with the best.

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Matbakh provides daily lunching to corporates. However, it solely depends upon the organization what setup they want. We have two options: One is to provide the lunch by setting up a counter in the organization, and with the help of a server, food will be served piping hot and fresh. The second option is of daily lunch boxes. Daily Lunch boxes will be provided by Matbakh at the desk of employees.

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It is not easy to plan an exhibition of something that belongs to you. It is quite hefty to arrange an exhibition. Incorporate with us, with our astounding strategies to make the best out of your things, we promise you to make your efforts turn into gold.

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From a not so formal dinner to a cruise type dinner, we offer all the best dinners. If you want to host a formal dinner for your company then we are here to entertain all your guests. Turn your long standing tradition into something that will be remembered by everyone.

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